FOUNDED IN 1994, RESPONSE SAFETY is the largest mobile patrol company in the greater Ottawa area. With resources on the road 24/7 we are equipped to respond to your needs. Our Agents and Patrol Vehicles are fully uniformed and marked to industry standard. Our vehicles are GPS enabled and radio dispatched. Our Company is Ottawa based and thus has the geographical knowledge to best respond and service your needs. As a 100% Canadian owned and operated company, Response Security has gained a national reputation for ground breaking programs such as Security on Call, Park and Pay and Visitor’s Parking programs and enforcement. Our Dispatch centre receives, dispatches a multitude of calls as well as conducts video surveillance for our commercial and residential customers. With innovative packages such as virtual patrols, lobby watch and live monitoring services we have taken your security to the next level.




Whether you are looking for professional assistance managing your commercial, residential or retail parking spots, we have created just the right solution for you. Our cloud based apps will keep you on track of any notifications, payments, and reporting. These apps provide building owners a full range of features to customize the terms and conditions on one space or an entire parking lot, and add enforcement staff to monitor, send notifications, and validate tickets.