Mobile Services

Mobile Services

The vehicle patrols are a mix of a patrol car touring the site and a general foot patrol of common areas around the building. Response assigns minimum and maximum amounts of time on each site. In the event that a Response agent must leave a site mid-patrol to respond to a security on call request from another site, the balance of the minimum time will be added to the next patrol and noted on our nightly site report. This is the essence of patrol time sharing and allowing the patrol staff to be where you need them. Our standard patrol consists of checking the following: (as applicable)

  • Visitors Parking
  • Tenant Parking
  • Garbage Rooms
  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Take note of all burnt lights in common areas
  • Ensure no canvassers or solicitors are on site
  • Secure Doors
  • Graffiti/Vandalism

Security Patrol Services

Response Security is Ottawa’s largest mobile patrol/alarm response company in Eastern Ontario / Western Quebec. We are Eastern Ontario’s and Western Quebec’s ONLY ULC Certified Alarm Response Company. Our ULC Alarm 
response policy dictates alarm procedures and key storage methods. We follow the ULC guideline for alarm response which mandates a 20 minute response time to all dispatches supported by our infrastructure as noted in the ULC regulation CAN/ULC Standard S301-M88. Our patrol officers receive the highest training in order to provide the necessary services to our clients. Response Security provides mobile patrol, alarm response services, emergency on-call response, parking enforcement, and are available 24/7 to assist all security guards assigned to static sites. With some of the best trained patrol officers in the region, coupled with state of the art equipment Response is the industry leader in mobile security operations. Through the use of trained professionals and highly visible marked patrol vehicles the goal of our Mobile program is to establish a high visibility presence on our client locations for maximum deterrence and to create a sense of safety and security for the public frequenting or residing in the area. Response, at present, holds over 60% of the alarm response market in the Greater Ottawa area. Our clients include the City of Ottawa, ADT, Protection One/Protectron, CHUBB, Microtec, Henderson Security and many more.

Mobile Patrol Solutions:

  • 24/7 Service
  • Alarm Response
  • Security On Call
  • Commercial, Residential and Environmental Patrols
  • Site Lock Ups/Unlocks
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Construction Detail
  • Road Blockage/Traffic Control
  • Cash Escorts
  • Health and Safety Inspections

All mobile patrol solutions are fully customizable to meet our client’s needs. Mobile programs are very cost effective dependent upon our Customer’s requirements. Our programs take into effect many factors before pricing is finalized.

  • Time on site, minimum and maximum patrol times
  • Duties to be performed
  • Services available 7 days a week 24hrs per day.
  • Site location and size of location
  • Amount of locations to be serviced
  • Cost share programs for multiple locations
  • Cost savings over static services
  • Electronic Reporting